Text based guide on adding your badge to LinkedIn

How To: Display Badges on a LinkedIn Profile

  • Go to LinkedIn and log in to your account
  • Go to Edit Profile by hovering over the Profile tab in the top left
  • Choose which section of your profile you want to display badges in (for example, the summary section at the top of your profile)
  • Hover over the dropdown and click Add Link
  • Log in to your Open Badges Backpack and open the badge collection you want to display
  • Click the Share This Group icon in the collection box and choose a social media platform to access the URL for your badge collection 
  • Copy the link for this page (you do not have to go through with sharing your badges if you don’t want to, just close the pop-up window after copying the link)
  • Paste the link into the Add Link field in LinkedIn, add descriptor info, and save

Your LinkedIn profile will display part of the image of your first badge in the collection. You can click on this and then on the Read Original button to access the full page displaying your badges.

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Last modified: Sunday, 18 September 2016, 2:48 PM